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by Dennis Gulledge

    Super Bowl LII is set for Sunday, February 4th at 5:30 PM. On that Sunday sports fans of both the rabid and casual variety will pack in the snacks and gather around the television for the grand finale of professional football. Admittedly, the political controversies tainting this season may cut into those numbers to some […]


    by Wayne Brewer

      What is the value of American Christians traveling to foreign countries to do mission work when there are lost souls right at our back door? That is a question that is sometimes asked by brethren. It is true that the Lord’s work locally must never be neglected. A congregation must always seek to reach out […]


      by Noah Icenhour

        At the end of May, Dr. Jeff Miller (Apologetics Press) and I went on an adventure to the Grand Canyon for a seven-day rafting trip. It was awesome. I am not going to lie, I truly felt like I was Bilbo from the Hobbit series. Spending the days conquering the white waters, forcing ourselves to bathe […]


        by Dennis Gulledge

          Have you heard it said, “The Bible doesn’t teach us to remember Jesus’ birth; it tells us to remember his death and resurrection”? It’s true that we don’t know Jesus’ actual birthday. It’s also true that we should remember the Lord’s death and resurrection. Furthermore, we shouldn’t proclaim anything that is false about Jesus’ birth, […]


          by Wayne Brewer

            Throughout the history of the Old Testament the people of God often found themselves in very difficult situations and quite often the reason was because they forgot who they were. They became so involved in this world that their identity became blurred to them and to everyone else around them. What they came to need […]


            by Noah Icenhour

              “Why has no one told me this?” This was the question that a 16-year-old named Braden Hammer asked me as we studied what the Bible says about baptism. Braden had been raised in the Baptist church and a few years earlier he had “accepted Jesus in his heart” through a prayer and was told that […]

              JESUS: THE SON OF GOD

              by Noah Icenhour

                [This article first appeared in the December issue of the Gospel Advocate] There are few things that are more desired in an office or in a home than windows. There is just something about natural light that brings life into a room. When Jesus came to this world He came as a window. There is no […]

                FISHERMEN OF MEN

                by Linda Minor

                  An activity that many people enjoy doing is fishing. Those who spend hours and days fishing know very well about the habits of the various species of fish. The fisherman knows well the conditions by which each species will be feeding, where, and what lures them. Many fish because they enjoy it and for a […]

                  THE SIN OF COMPARING

                  by Noah Icenhour

                    I know you. You are a perfectionist. You try to do anything and everything perfect. Not only that, but you want people to know you are doing it perfect. The devastating part of it is this: you are not perfect—no matter how hard you try to be. So naturally, you fail sometimes. You fall short. You make mistakes, you let people down […]

                    WHY AREN’T WE GROWING?

                    by Noah Icenhour

                      [This article originally appeared on the website of on 6-18-16] Numbers have been down. Discouragement has been up. Your congregation started years ago and had initial growth, but now everything seems stagnant. It is like the congregation just comes together as a ritual to complete a checklist each week. Everyone seems happy to be […]