On July 1 a group of brethren from the United States and Mexico traveled to Costa Rica to work in evangelism and teach the Word of God. The trip was very successful from several aspects and primarily because the gospel was taught to people that are not Christians and many other lessons were taught to the brethren (Mark 16:15-16, 2 Timothy 4:2).  The brethren that traveled to Costa Rica this year were: Michael and Diane Richardson (Iowa), Tara and Taylor Shields (Iowa), John Shafer (Nebraska), Vella Puckett (Texas), Chuck Northrop (Missouri), Nancy Troutwine (Ohio), Kyle Richardson (Tennessee), Joe Longfellow (Iowa), Isaias, Rocio, Betzy and Merary Huerta (Tamaulipas), Freda and Fredita Hernandez (Queretaro) and Wayne Brewer (Mabelvale).  This was my 14th Costa Rica trip to organize.

The work began in San Jose de Upala, Costa Rica near the Nicaragua border. In fact, we actually knocked doors to the Nicaragua border and crossed the border to get something to drink at a little store. The second place of work was in the town of Tilaran where the weather was quite cool this year. In fact one day it did not get above about 68 degrees. The last place of work was in Cañas (Canyas) where the weather was also cooler than normal. Our work at Cañas was actually in a small town called Bebedero. The gospel was taken for the first time to Bebedero last year and there were three baptisms in 2013 as a result of that work and so our efforts were to continue seeking Bible studies with the people of the small community.

Our schedule for the day was to arrive at the church buildings to have a devotional at about 8:30 am and then go out door knocking and holding Bible studies. After lunch we would return for Bible study appointments, have Bible schools in each town and then every evening preach Gospel Meetings. As a group we taught 95 public classes and sermons, more than 50 in-home Bible studies with non-Christians, taught about 100 children each day in the Bible schools and then full church buildings in the evenings. We worked in this manner for 12 days straight, with the only days that we did not work being our travel days to and from Costa Rica. On my part, I translated and taught 38 lessons publicly as well as numerous in-home Bible studies. It was a blessing to be able to teach the gospel to people that had never heard it before and also to see those who had been taught and obeyed last year and in previous years now active in the Lord’s work. Thank you for your prayers and support for the Costa Rica mission trip.

by Wayne Brewer