Jesus said; “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). There is no substitute for time being spent in the act of going and making disciples. The church at Mabelvale has just dedicated eight days straight to preaching the Word of Jesus and fulfilling his command. Eight days straight of taking the message to the community in which we live.

The work of evangelism and announcing the Gospel Meeting in English and in Spanish began on Saturday, June 2 and then from June 3-10, eight days straight, the gospel of Jesus was preached to the Mabelvale community. The first series of lessons were “Preaching Jesus” and the second set in Spanish was “Imitators of God”. Each lesson focused on Jesus and what Jesus taught and how to be more like God in our lives. Eight days straight, from Sunday to Sunday, of taking the gospel into all of the world.

Some often wonder why positive things do not happen regarding responses to the gospel and it is a genuine fact to consider. Quite often the reason is very simple; there is not sufficient time dedicated to the preaching of the gospel, or there is not sufficient time dedicating to announcing the preaching of the gospel. Everything spiritual cannot be accomplished in thirty minutes, or even an hour. Time is needed for Christians to be together (Acts 2:42) in worship (John 4:24) and in activities related to the work of the church in order for there to be positive results seen. Time is needed to study the Bible, preach the Word, have fellowship together, and work together in order for positive results to be seen. Our society may want to give the least amount of time needed, but the fact is that time and quality time is needed.

Jesus spent three years with the apostles in order that they might see him, know him, and understand their mission. They saw Jesus under all kinds of circumstances and conditions; time spent with multitudes of people (Matthew 5:1) to time spent with just one person (John 4:1-24). Jesus spent time with the religious (Matthew 15:1-10) and time spent with the outcast sinners (Luke 19:1-10), and all in order to spend the time necessary to see positive results.

The Lord’s church in American needs to understand the value of time in the sense of time is needed to see results. The farmer does not just spend a few minutes planting the seed, but hours and days planting the fields, and hours and days cultivating so that hours and days can be spent harvesting. When we as the church spend more than just couple of minutes or a couple of days per year doing the work of God then God can give the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6).

There are many societal obstacles and people do have such busy lives, but when we as Christians dedicate the time needed then the increase will come. May God bless every message of truth preached, every encouraging word spoken, and every visit made to one that is not a Christian.

by Wayne Brewer