For my bulletin post this week I wish to leave you with a couple of posts from Facebook friends of mine. I love these men and I enjoy reading their posts. Hope you will enjoy them as well. When the tensions of a chaotic world and the abrasions of your family or friends (even brethren) cut deeply into your soul, try to find the songs in the night that God alone can give (Job 35:10). Along with that the voices of wisdom and balance can help. That’s why I like Ted Knight’s and Edwin Jones’s posts.

This one from Ted Knight reminds us of what Sunday is really about:

            Today is Jesus Day! Today we remember that He died for our salvation. Today we celebrate His resurrection from the dead. Sometimes we remember the day of the death of our parents, spouse, children, etc. and that is fine. We remember the day of Jesus death and hopefully we remember what that death means. It was an awful death, unlike any death before or since. We remember that this horrible death was not for Him but for us. However, He arose on the First Day of the week and in so doing confirmed that we too shall be raised. He will never die again but we will. But, we too shall be raised and never die again because He lived, died, was buried, and was raised. I honestly cannot think of something that is more important to remember than the acts that brought about my salvation, death to sin, and my resurrection to a new life here on earth and an eternal life with Him and His Father in heaven. I am so thankful that He established this memorial and for the opportunity to assemble with others who share that faith and hope.

From Edwin S. Jones, who preaches for the Lehman Avenue church in Bowling Green, KY. Simple, yet profound:

In the Parable of the Soils, the thorny ground represents a life where the word becomes crowded out by a variety of things competing for a limited amount of time.

Our culture in our particular time offers more opportunities for discretionary time to be gradually swallowed up than has ever been the case.

Guard your time; It is a gift from God. He wishes you to use it well by allowing a special place for Kingdom priorities.

Matthew 13:22; Mark 4:18-19; Luke 8:14
Matthew 6:33