It is a fact that the Christian will have difficulties and problems while living in this earthly life and these problems will touch every aspect of the Christian’s life, but the question is; to whom will a child of God go in order to receive advice in times of trouble? The prophet Isaiah wrote to the people of God about their faith and where they had gone to seek help. Isaiah wrote:

“Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, And rely on horses, Who trust in chariots because they are many, And in horsemen because they are very strong, But who do not look to The Holy One of Israel, Nor seek the Lord!” (Isaiah 31:1). When the problems and challenges of life came to the people of God they in the place of trusting in God trusted in the material power and might of Egypt. The irony was that the children of God sought help and advice not from God, but from the world and specifically the nation of Egypt. Isaiah reminded the God’s nation that “the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and not spirit … “(Isaiah 31:3) and that is to say that the people had not sought the advice and help thinking about the spiritual aspect of their lives, but in the material. Isaiah therefore was preaching this message to them in order that they might; “Turn to him against whom the sons of Israel have deeply rebelled” (Isaiah 31: 6). How did they think that they were going to have greater protection and care from the Egyptians than from God? It was only because they had become a worldly and secularly thinking people and no longer really trusted in their Great Protector.

At times all of these many years later we as Christians do the exact same thing by seeking help or advice from someone who is not a brother or sister in Christ, and does not think spiritually. Whenever a Christian is tempted to seek the counsel that is not of God then it is easy to find the advice that one wants to hear rather than what we would like to hear or receive. It is very easy to find someone in the world, with a secular and worldly mindset, who will tell us what we want to hear because the world is full of help and advice like that of Egypt. A Christian can imitate the examples of the people of the world and follow the advice of the world or accept the counsel of God.

The place for the Christian to go for during difficult times is to the council of the Word of God for any problem that comes (Psalm 119: 105). The Word of God gives advice and instructions on the family, economic, social, moral problems, etc., and this is the spiritual advice for the Christian. Good counsel for the Christian is also when the Christian seeks the spiritual counsel of another faithful and wise Christian.

The children of Israel were not thinking spiritually and for this reason they went to Egypt to receive their help. They trusted in the Egyptians more than they trusted in God. The Christian is not thinking spiritually when he goes to the world to receive his advice. “The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue speaks righteousness” (Psalm 37:30).

by Wayne Brewer