NOVEMBER 27, 2017



Betty McBride is in Room 136 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Richard Loomis is in room 106 of Evergreen Nursing & Rehab.

Ray Wehunt is in room 307 of Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant.

Sybil Goode, mother of James Goode, is in hospice care at Hickory Heights Health & Rehab.

Audrey Davis, mother of Wally Davis, is in room 147 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Remember in Your Prayers

Glenda Arledge, Trish Bright, D. L. Conway, Phil DePriest, Martha Franklin, Barlow Hafner, Jill Horton, Jim Howell, James Kinsey, John Lewis, Richard Loomis, Richard Lowe, Quinton & Betty McBride, Judy Morris, Freida Morris, Jim Wallace.



Everyone is invited to our annual Keenage Reception immediately following the evening service on Sunday, December 3 in the multipurpose room. We take this time each year to honor our Keenagers, those who are 70 years and older.



There will be a new picture directory printed soon. We will be taking pictures after service on Sunday morning, December 3 and December 10. A sign up sheet is on the table in the foyer. You can see Latitia, Sherry, or Brad for more details.



We have received an invitation: Join in us in celebrating John Gipson’s 50th year of ministry to our church family at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, December 17 at Wind Song Church of Christ, 3 Wind Song Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72113.



December 3               Keenage Reception



Sunday Bible Class:               9:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  10:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  5:00 PM

Wednesday Bible Class:       7:00 PM