FEBRUARY 18, 2019


Richard Loomis fell and broke his hip. He is in Room 4059 of St. Vincent after surgery on Wednesday.

Linda Paden is in room 610 of Good Shepherd Nursing & Rehab.

Millie Lynn is in room 204 of Amberwood Health & Rehab.

Betty McBride is in room 136 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Phyllis Defrese is in room 319 of Good Shepherd.

Richard Loomis is in room 106 of Evergreen Nursing & Rehab.

Ray Wehunt is in room 307 of Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant.

Sybil Goode, mother of James Goode, is in Hickory Heights Health & Rehab.

Remember in Your Prayers

Glenda Arledge, Trish Bright, D. L. Conway, Phil DePriest, Martha Franklin, Jill Horton, Margie Houff, Jim Howell, Jimmie Sue Howell, James Kinsey, John Lewis, Richard Loomis, Richard Lowe, Quinton & Betty McBride, Judy Morris, Freida Morris, Jim Wallace.


We extend our sympathy to Sandra Brewer on the loss of her mother-in-law.


Thank you sweet family of God for checking up on me during this time. In Christian love, Nancy Ashley.


The All Comers Class will meet on Tuesday, February 26 at 10:00 AM in the Adult 2 Classroom. The study will be Chapter 3, Renew Your Values: “Ten Timeless Truths” from the book Renewing Your Spiritual Life – A Study Of Deuteronomy: 13 Simple Steps for Maximum Spiritual Growth, by Aubrey Johnson, Noah Icenhour will teach the class.


All ladies are invited to a bridal shower honoring Madeleine Maund, future bride of Ryan Chambers, on Sunday afternoon, February 24, from 3:00–4:30 in the multipurpose room. Madeleine and Ryan are registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.


All ladies are invited to a bridal shower honoring Breanna Gulledge, future bride of Caleb Bynum, on Sunday afternoon, March 17, from 3:00–4:30 in the multipurpose room. Breanna and Caleb are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Target.


February 19              All Comers Class, Teacher: Dennis Gulledge

February 24              Bridal Shower for Madeleine Maund

February 26              All Comers Class, Teacher: Noah Icenhour

March 5                      All Comers Class, Teacher: Noah Icenhour

March 17                   Bridal Shower for Breanna Gulledge