Cassidy and I have some news to share with you. This is of course and unideal way to tell you but with our present situation, we and the elders at Mabelvale could think of no better way.  

For the past several weeks, we have be in a conversation with the elders at the Enola Church of Christ (about 15-20 minutes outside of Conway). They have offered me the pulpit minister position, and after much prayer, thought, and counsel from others we have accepted the position as of yesterday. 

The Mabelvale elders and staff have been extremely encouraging as we made this decision. This has been one of the hardest decisions either Cassidy and I have had to make in our lives so far. 

Words cannot express how much love we have for each of you. This transition had nothing to do with how we feel about Mabelvale or about our love for our members. If that was the case, then we would be staying, because it has broken our hearts to make the decision to leave and many tears have been shed. 

This is about the call to preach. I have always had this calling in my life and we feel God has opened a door for us to do so with a very loving and faithful congregation. 

We wish we could have done this in a more ideal way, but Enola needs us soon. We will start there on April 12. We wanted to have enough time to tell you and to process everything. 

I will never be able to express to you how much these three years have meant to me. You have watched me graduate from school and start out as a young associate minister. You have watched me meet the love of my life and Cassidy and I could not be more grateful that we have had such a wonderful congregation to serve with during our first year of marriage. 

We already shared this news with the elders, the staff, and the youth group (7th-12th grades) and their families.

We love you all so much and hope you understand our desire to answer this call to preach. No matter what happens with the virus, if we are unable to meet before we start at Enola, we will be returning when all of this does end to say goodbye. We love you all so much.