Phil Sanders

(June 3-6)

Seven years ago we hosted Phil Sanders for a gospel meeting, and now the time has come to welcome him back to the Mabelvale congregation for another such effort. The theme this year is “Preaching Jesus.” I appreciate Phil for choosing this theme, since this is what gospel preaching is supposed to be, and he will handle it very well. Phil will treat this theme under the following subjects:

Sunday, 9:30 AM class: “The Essence of Hope”

Sunday, 10:30 AM worship: “Jesus and His Cross”

Sunday, 5:00 PM worship: “Jesus and His Word”

Monday, 7:00 PM: “Jesus and His Church”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM: “Jesus and His Salvation”

Wednesday, 7:00 PM: “Jesus and His Promises”

There are still advertising postcards and fliers on the table by the offices. Please pick these up and utilize them by inviting your friends to attend this meeting. Ask them to watch the Search program on Sunday mornings, if they are not already acquainted with Phil Sanders. Also, Noah Icenhour is organizing a door knocking effort on June 2nd. Several have signed up to participate. The best evangelism is one-on-one, and talking to people you know.

After the morning services on Sunday, June 3rd, there will be a congregational potluck in the all-purpose room. Additionally, the adult Bible classes will work to provide potluck dinners for Phil Sanders. My class, along with Wendell Thompson’s young adults class, will take care of Monday night. Dale Morris’ class will host the meal for Tuesday evening. The elders and deacons and their wives will provide finger foods on Wednesday night.

Phil Sanders was born in 1951 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. He married Jackie Dodgen in 1974, and and they are the parents of four daughters: Christa, Chara, Tara, and Laura; twelve grandchildren.

He was educated at Oklahoma Christian College (1974, BA in Bible and Biblical Languages); Harding Graduate School of Religion (1983, M.A.R. in Christian Doctrine), and Theological University of America (1998, Ph.D. in Biblical Studies).

Phil has been the speaker for “In Search of the Lord’s Way,” a nationally broadcasted television ministry of Edmond Church of Christ since 2009. He has been involved in active ministry for more than 47 years. He is an Adjunct Professor for Georgia School of Preaching, Marietta, Georgia, and is an Adjunct Professor for Asian Christian University, Philippines. He served as an instructor at the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies for eleven years. He served as an instructor at Amridge University for six years. He is a board member of Lads to Leaders.

Phil is the author of several books and is a frequent speaker at lectureships, gospel meetings and seminars. He has contributed many articles to Gospel Advocate and Spiritual Sword. He is the author of A New Life (2015); A Faith Built on Sand: The Foolishness of Popular Religion in a Postmodern Age (2011); Adrift: Postmodernism in the Church (2000); Let All the Earth Keep Silence (2006); Evangelism Handbook of New Testament Christianity (2009); A New Life (2015). He has also written several books are online.

This year we will have morning sessions, Monday through Wednesday (9:00-10:00), in the all-purpose room. These will be casual sessions and a light breakfast of pastries, fruits, yogurts, juices and coffee will be provided. Brother Sanders will speak during these sessions on the subject, “Postmodernism and Problems Facing the Church.” I promise you that you do not want to miss these morning sessions. – Dennis Gulledge

by Dennis Gulledge