At the end of May, Dr. Jeff Miller (Apologetics Press) and I went on an adventure to the Grand Canyon for a seven-day rafting trip. It was awesome. I am not going to lie, I truly felt like I was Bilbo from the Hobbit series. Spending the days conquering the white waters, forcing ourselves to bathe in the 40-50 degree river, and then lying beneath the stars with a silhouette of the Canyon walls surrounding us it was an adventure.

What really made the trip relevant was that our guide was a well-known Creation scientist. All the information that we learned and studied was about how we can explain the Grand Canyon from a Biblical point of view.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the Grand Canyon is a result of a Global Flood. It is not a result of millions of years. It was formed very rapidly (in a matter of weeks) through the flood and the breaching of lakes that were left after the floodwaters had receded. For more information on how the Grand Canyon was formed, read this article on the Answers in Genesis website.

There is a Flood Coming

Every moment I spent in the Canyon was an overwhelming reminder that God had destroyed mankind with water. It is estimated that there were millions of people on the earth at the time of the flood, yet God eliminated all but eight in the Flood. He did this because man had fallen away (Genesis 6:5-7) and God brought judgment on this earth as a result.

A couple weeks ago I heard a sermon by Eric Lyons that really hit home with me. He passionately screamed to the crowd, “There is a flood coming!

Think hard about that thought. Then realize the reality of it: THERE IS A FLOOD COMING. This time it will not be a flood of water (Genesis 9:8-17) it will be a flood of fire (II Peter 3:10). All those who do not listen to this warning and begin to live for God will drown in the judgment God (II Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 20:15).

Are we ready for a flood to come? Are we prepared to face the judgment of God? Or is life too busy for us to be worried right now? We need to focus on finishing up school. We need to be worrying about our relationships and our pursuit of happiness. We need to strive for success in our jobs. Life is just too high pace to even think about the possibility of a flood.

Please listen: It will not matter if we are ready for it or not. God has given us our warning: THERE IS A FLOOD COMING. Will you be prepared? Or will you suffer the same fate of the people in the day of Noah? May God help us.


For more information or if you have any questions please visit the Apologetics Press website.

Snelling, Andrew A., Dr., and Tom Vail. “When and How Did the Grand Canyon Form?” Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis, 6 June 2014. Web. 17 July 2015. <

**Disclaimer: I do not claim to agree with all that Answers in Genesis stands for, but they do present the truth on the existence of God and How the Grand Canyon was formed.