Mabelvale Hispanic

Mission Report

January, February & March 2014

“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15)

“Id por todo el mundo y predicad el evangelio a toda criatura” (Marcos 16:15)

Activities at Mabelvale and Wayne’s Work Over the Last Few Months

  • December 27 – January 6 – Mission trip to Mexico (Queretaro and Tamaulipas)
  • January 12 – Preach in English at Mabelvale on Sunday evening
  • February 9 – Preach in English at Mabelvale on Sunday evening
  • February 20-22 – Travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • March 9 – Preach in English at Mabelvale on Sunday evening
  • March 21-29 – Mission Trip to Mexico (San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas)


While on the mission trip in Mexico I received a call from a man inquiring about the location and times of the Bible classes and worship services. He and his wife and their five children attended while I was still in Mexico and have been present every Sunday and most Wednesdays since then. We were able to arrange a Bible study with the adults and those studies about the church, salvation and the home are still going on at this time.

We have been busy in other follow-up Bible studies still with three people and their families that were baptized last year. Generally we are at in-home Bible studies with people on Monday and Thursday evenings and sometimes on Saturdays or during the day. They are all very eager to learn and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and it is wonderful to see them mature and take an active part in the body of Christ.

Growth has been seen in another area in that for the last two years the Hispanic congregation provided the economic funds for its own Gospel Meetings, Evangelistic campaigns, and a few other works. The Spanish speaking congregation has been taking on more and more of the economic responsibility regarding the work. The Mabelvale church of Christ still provides some support toward the work and some of my financial support, as some of you do also, but growth in the financial responsibility is being seen.

The Spanish congregation at Mabelvale has three very hard working families where both the husband and wife are Christians and active. We have other brethren that are good workers too. One of our young ladies,  Katia, will graduate from North Little Rock High School in May as a possible Salutatorian. We are very proud of Katia for her example as a Christian, a worker in the church and her academic accomplishments. Katia can be seen in the photo to the right, she is wearing blue and her sister, Vivian, wearing white.

One of our members, Enrique Morales, had colon cancer surgery in April and is doing well at this time and recovering well.

The Spanish speaking congregation is working diligently for a Gospel Meeting that will take place in April. The Francisco (Paco) Rodriguez family from Monterrey, Mexico will come to preach, teach and assist in evangelism. The Alberto Suarez family from Monterrey and living in Tyler, Texas will also come to help with song leading, teaching and evangelism. Already in doing some door-knocking in preparation for the Spanish Gospel Meeting we have set up a Bible study with a lady for Wednesdays at noon.

I will be speaking twice at a Spanish Lectureship in Houston, Texas in April on the subject: “The Origin and Nature of the Church is Not the Problem” and “The Persecution of the Church”.


San Pedro Ahucatlan, Queretaro 

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas

From December 27 through January 6 brethren from the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica traveled to Mexico to preach, teach and help brethren in 5 congregations. Those going from Mabelvale were: Garrett McGilvray, John Griffin, Nancy and Selena Ashley and Wayne Brewer. Brethren from other places also traveled to Mexico to preach and teach: Michael and Diane Richardson (Iowa), Holly Richardson (Iowa), Kara Wilson (Missouri) and Vella Puckett (Texas). Also traveling within Mexico to be part of our group and work with us were Almodena Cano (Nuevo Leon) and Luzy de la Torre (San Luis Potosi) as well as Raquel Obregon from Costa Rica.

The Lord blessed everyone with safe travel to and from Mexico and in Mexico and with many opportunities to preach and teach his Word every day. There were twenty contacts made and several in home Bible studies were taught for the first congregation that we worked with. Mabelvale sent two large suitcases of clothing as benevolence and the flyers to announce the gospel meetings as well as and a little economic help that was provided along. The 39th Street church of Christ provided tracts in Spanish.

We worked with five congregations in two different states in Mexico, and actually traveled by bus through four states in Mexico. During the first part of the trip we worked in preaching and teaching at a newly established congregation of about 35 in San Pedro Ahucatlan, Queretaro, which is about an hour from Mexico City. The brethren welcomed us with great hospitality and meals. A married couple that had been baptized two months previous to our arrival turned over their house to John, Garrett and Wayne and another family loaned us the use of their car in order to be able to get from place to place and pick up others.

Our second place of work was in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas where they loaned us a van to drive, provided with wonderful hospitality and Garrett was given the use of a small house to stay in. The brethren appreciate so much the assistance that we give them in preaching God’s Word. The work each day consisted of going house to house in evangelism and Bible studies. Since school was out for the holidays there were many of the Mexican Christian young people with us in the worktoo.During most of the afternoons we had children’s Bible classes and also a class for the young people. During the preaching in the evenings during the Gospel Meeting we were also able to offer Bible classes for the children. There were a total of 64 Bible classes taught and sermons preached by us while in Mexico. What a blessing to be able to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). (below photos from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico)


Upcoming Mission Work: Mission trips to Costa Rica in July and Mexico in August. Thank you for your support, interest and prayers. Your support is needed and appreciated. When sending support please indicate if the support is for the local Hispanic Work at Mabelvale or for Mission Trips. Thank you. Wayne Brewer – Mabelvale Church of Christ – PO Box 345, Mabelvale, AR 72103 (501) 412-2226