I was born in Scotland and grew up in East Kilbride, a town to the south of glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. In 1988, I became a Christian after hearing the gospel preached by the late Rod Carroll of Oklahoma. Rod used book, chapter and verse in every one of his sermons and it impressed me that this was the way the gospel was intended: hearing what the Bible actually said and doing it. The following year I move to Florida and studied the Bible there for two years (Florida School of Preaching).After graduation in 1991, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, and in 1994 I moved to Cumbernauld where I currently serve the Lord. Beth and I married in 1995 and we have four children, three of whom have obeyed the gospel. I have preached throughout Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Malawi and America.

Graham McDonald:  Cumbernauld, Scotland
Graham McDonald is a missionary in Cumbernauld, Scotland.  He attended the Florida School of Preaching
in Lakeland, Florida (1989-1991).  Graham has preached the gospel in various places in the U.S. as well as
in his native Scotland.  He formerly did mission work at the Sighthill Church of Christ in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He is presently doing mission work in Cumbernauld, a city with a population of over 60,000.

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