OCTOBER 2, 2017



Judy Morris had knee replacement surgery today at UAMS, She is in room F 903, she will come home on Tuesday.

Catherine Minor, sister-in-law of Waymon Minor and Carolyn Howell, is in Room 126 of Hospice Home Care on Bowman Road.

Betty McBride is being discharged from the hospital today and will be in Room 136 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Richard Loomis is in room 106 of Evergreen Nursing & Rehab.

Ray Wehunt is in room 307 of Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant.

Barbara Watson, mother of Dawn Sullivan and Becky Carr is in room 250 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Sybil Goode, mother of James Goode, is in hospice care at Hickory Heights Health & Rehab.

Audrey Davis, mother of Wally Davis, is in room 147 of Colonel Glenn Health & Rehab.

Remember in Your Prayers

Trish Bright, D. L. Conway, Phil DePriest, Barlow Hafner, Jill Horton, Jim Howell, James Kinsey, John Lewis, Richard Loomis, Richard Lowe, Quinton & Betty McBride, Judy Morris, Freida Morris, Jim Wallace.



Thank you to Noah, Wendell, and the young people that went door knocking on Saturday and helped cleanup the building Saturday night after Spanish Gospel Meeting. Wayne.



The All Comers Class will meet on Tuesday, October 10, at 10:00 AM in the Adult 2 Classroom. The study will be Topics in the General Epistles. Lesson 5 will be “Faith & Trial in 1 Peter.” Noah Icenhour will teach the class.



The annual Ladies class will be October 4 through December 27 in the multipurpose room. The study will be “The Case for Self Discipline.”



The truck from the Children’s Homes in Paragould will be here on Monday, October 23 to pick up food. Items needed are: Bottled Fruit Juices, HE (High Efficiency) Laundry Detergent, Dill Pickles, Thirst Quenchers (i.e. Gatorade), Clorox Wand Refills, Light Bulbs. Please pick up a bag from the foyer, with list attached, and return it by Sunday, October 22. The Change for Children Cans will be picked on this day also.



  1. Ushers will lock all doors during classes and worship.
  2. Multipurpose room classes need to be attentive to late comers and open the doors for them to enter the building after classes begin.
  3. Ushers will lock all doors after classes begin and unlock them after the five-minute warning bell for classes to end. Doors will be unlocked until worship services begin. So all doors will be locked from the end of announcements until the end of worship services.
  4. One of the ushers should remain in the foyer by the two water fountain doors during the entire service to allow late comers entry and to be vigilant to outside activity.
  5. Please understand your safety is of utmost importance and we must all help ourselves as well as others.
  6. If you notice anything that is a concern to you, notify an usher or someone nearby and the proper action will be taken to notify the police, the fire department, ambulance, or whoever needs to be contacted.
  7. Always be aware of activities and conditions around you.



Imogene Conway, Donnah Stavig, Sharon Campbell, Doris Eoff.



October 3                   All Comers Class

October 4                   Ladies Class Begins

October 10                 All Comers Class

October 17                 All Comers Class



Sunday Bible Class:               9:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  10:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  5:00 PM

Wednesday Bible Class:       7:00 PM