JANUARY 23, 2017



D. L. Conway has been diagnosed with cancer. He will be seeing an oncologist on Thursday. Please continue to pray for him.

Jennifer Steger (Kathy Gulledge’s sister) is in the Methodist Hospital in Germantown, TN. She had been moved out of ICU but had an episode Sunday night and is being moved back into ICU. The next 24-48 hours are crucial. Please keep her in your prayers.

Betty McBride is in room 206 of Pleasant Valley Nursing & Rehab.

Phil DePriest is in room 527 of Briarwood Nursing & Rehab.

Richard Loomis is in room 204 of Southern Trace Rehab & Care Center.

Ray Wehunt has moved to room 307 of Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant.

Remember in Your Prayers

Trish Bright, D. L. Conway, Phil DePriest, Jill Horton, Nora Harris, Jim Howell, James Kinsey, John Lewis, Richard Loomis, Richard Lowe, Quinton & Betty McBride, Judy Morris, Christy Vodehnal, Jim Wallace.



Wednesday, January 18: Requesting Prayers, Linda Paden.



There will be a singing in the Adult 4 classroom on Thursday, January 26, from 10:00 AM to Noon. Please bring a songbook and drink. For more information please contact Regina Threet.



The All Comers Class will resume for the spring session on Tuesday, February 21 at 10:00 AM in the Adult 2 classroom.



Sunday Bible Class:               9:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  10:30 AM

Sunday Worship:                  5:00 PM

Wednesday Bible Class:       7:00 PM