MAY 23, 2016



Doyce Tarkington had a heart attack on Sunday night. He is in Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton. He will have tests today (Monday).

Joyce Oates is having tests today (Monday).

Betty McBride is in St. Vincent Rehab in Sherwood.

Jerry Oates is in Room 409 of Stagecoach Nursing & Rehab.

Joan Oates is in room 225 of Mt. Carmel Assisted Living in Benton.

Ray Wehunt is in room 701 of Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant.

Ruth Hamilton is in room 315 of Stagecoach Nursing & Rehab.


Remember in Your Prayers

Trish Bright, Phil DePriest, Jill Horton, Nora Harris, Jim Howell, James Kinsey, John Lewis, Richard Loomis, Richard Lowe, Quinton & Betty McBride, Judy Morris, Jerry Oates, Christy Vodehnal, Jim Wallace.



There will be a Gospel Meeting at the North Main Church of Christ in Malvern, May 29-June 1. Wayne Rodgers from Gulf Breeze, FL will be the speaker. Monday-Wednesday services will be at 7:00 PM.



Southern Christian Home in Morrilton is in need of more houseparents. For more information please contact: Kristin Bunch, Assistant Director at or 501-354-2428. A flier giving more information is on the table in the foyer.



June 5-8                     Our Gospel Meeting with Mike Vestal

June 5                         Potluck lunch after morning service