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Dennis Gulledge


Dennis Gulledge (Preacher) is a native of Carbondale, Illinois. He has preached for the Mabelvale church since November 1989. He and his wife Kathy have six children: Bethany, Emily, David, Jessica, Breanna and Jonathan.
Dennis is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University (B.S., 1978), and Southern
Christian University (M.A., 1989). He teaches the Adult 4 classroom on Wednesday night. Dennis assists in teaching the All Comers Bible class. He edits the bulletin.

His office hours are from 9:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M. (Monday – Friday).

Daniel Webster

Associate Minister

Daniel is from Jacksonville, Alabama. He is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Amridge University. He assists primarily with preaching, visiting, and working with the youth group. Some of his hobbies include disc golf, basketball, and graphic and web design.

Wayne Brewer

Minister to Hispanics

Wayne Brewer (Minister to Hispanics) is a native of Sterling, Illinois. He came to
Mabelvale in September, 2002 after preaching in Osceola, Iowa and Sheridan, Arkansas. Wayne and his wife, Susan, have three children. Sarah (married to TJ Spradling), Ashley, and Brian.
Wayne is a graduate of Harding University (B.A., 1978). He is working with
Mabelvale’s Hispanic Mission Work by planning outreach to the Spanish speaking people
in the Mabelvale area, leading Bible classes and worship in Spanish, directing ESL classes, and overseeing translation work.

Linda Minor

E-mail Linda Minor

Linda Minor began working as the secretary in September 1980. Her
husband Waymon is one of the deacons at Mabelvale. They have a daughter, Janet.
If you need to reserve the church building for any reason, please contact Linda so
that it can be put on the calendar. Also if you should desire a sermon tape or copies,
please see her. Linda is an excellent resource for any information you might need.
Linda prepares the bulletin on Monday. Any announcements for the bulletin must
be turned in to her by Monday morning. If you know of anyone in the hospital, please
call her. We also do a birthday/anniversary calendar for each month. Please fill out the
information on the enclosed sheet and return it to Linda’s desk. Linda’s office hours are
from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. (Monday – Friday).

Roger Horton


Roger Horton hails from Delight, Arkansas (correctly pronounced Dee-light) and is married to the former Clyda Sue Henderson. They moved to Mabelvale in 1965 and raised two sons, Kent and Brad who are faithful Christians. Kent and his wife, Kim live in Dallas, Texas with their daughter, Ella. Brad, his wife, Jill, son, Luke and daughter, Jenna live in Little Rock and are members of the Mabelvale congregation. Brad serves as a deacon and leads the singing. 

Roger said, “I have all the bad habits: hunting, fishing, golf and Bluegrass music”. However, this observer has known of Roger taking different young men from the congregation and teaching them the finer art of hunting and fishing. Under his tutelage, some have caught “the big one” and some have killed their first deer.

In 2001 Roger became an elder and has worked closely with the benevolent program and advertising as well as other aspects of the local work. He and Brad own the family business, Horton and Horton Printing, and his expertise in this area has supplied the church with tracts, the weekly bulletin, and advertising materials. He says that he is proud of the work at Mabelvale especially through the teaching program and through programs involving our young people that help them develop their future leadership roles in the church. 

Roger believes the goal of the congregation should be to continue to trust the Bible in the decisions that are made and in the practices of the congregation. He views it a privilege to serve as an elder in a congregation that cares about the welfare of one another, is liberal in their giving, and who support the elders in the programs that are used to help all be better Christians.

Ken Sullivan


Ken is the oldest son of Gene and Lou Sullivan. He was born in Texarkana, AR in 1960. The Sullivan family moved to Little Rock in 1962 and began attending the Mabelvale congregation. Ken graduated from McClellan High School in 1978, and in February of 1979 began working for Johnny Brown’s Automotive.

Dawn Watson was a junior in high school when she met Ken at church camp in Broken Bow Oklahoma where Ken’s Uncle Billy was director. They started dating in December, 1984 and married in June, 1987. They have 2 sons, Kyle (28) works at Sullivan Automotive and is married to Callie Thompson Sullivan, and Drew (25) works for Goodsell Truck Accessories.

Ken purchased Brown’s Automotive in 1996 and continues his 40 years’ tenure as owner of the now Sullivan’s Automotive. He employs 2 men full-time, and of course, the greeter, Hank. Fishing, hunting, golf and fixing stuff fill his leisure time.

Ken comes to the eldership as the son of a faithful, Godly elder, and his Mother’s father, Grandpa Blakney was also an elder. He has some big shoes to fill, but his humble nature allows him to be mentored not only by his father, but by the elders he served under as a deacon at the Mabelvale congregation. Ken is involved in all aspects of the work at Mabelvale but brings a particular skill set in technology.

“My vision for the church at Mabelvale: To remain faithful and true to the Lord. The world around us is changing, but the word of God does not change. If we remain faithful, the Lord will give the increase. I always think of Joshua 24:15.”

Wendell Thompson


Wendell was born in Little Rock to Glen and Oleta Thompson in 1956. He attended the 6th and Izard congregation from birth as did his wife to be Missy Word. They started dating her senior year at Harding and while he was in dental school. In 1986, they married and raised 2 children: Callie, a dental hygienist (26) who is married to Kyle Sullivan and Caleb a BSN (24). Wendell C. Thompson DDS Family Practice opened in 1983. Today, Missy and Callie work alongside Wendell in the practice. Turkey hunting is a favorite, and deer hunting is a family adventure.

In 2003, Wendell and his family placed membership at Mabelvale, and they have been very active in the Lord’s work. Wendell has served as a deacon and has eagerly accepted the responsibility of an elder. He leads Kid Sing which is a program held before Sunday evening worship for cradle through 6th grade. He encourages them to do their memory work, leads a question-and-answer exercise, and the children earn medals, books and other incentives. Wendell is very mission-minded, and he, Callie and Caleb have traveled to Mexico to participate in the medical missions.

“My vision for the church of Christ at Mabelvale is it must be eager to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all people from the very young to the very old. We will love God, and we will love all mankind to fulfill the Great Commission, leading others to the Lord, that through his love and mercy, we will obtain the gift of our salvation and an eternal home with him in heaven.”

Paul Word


Paul is the son of Dollie Word and the late Gene Word who served as an elder at the 6th and Izard congregation. He was born in Little Rock in 1960, grew up in Little Rock, and attended the congregation at 6th and Izard.  While a senior at Harding in 1983, Paul’s father died, and he immediately accepted the responsibility of helping his Mother and watching over his younger sisters. Through a mutual friend, he met Tarena Snider, and they married in 1987. 3 children completed this family: Emma, a nurse (25) who is married to Sam Rowlett, Wilson (19) who is a freshman at the University of Central Arkansas and William (18) who is a senior at Central Arkansas Christian.

After graduating from Harding, Paul worked for The Bug Man, was a partner in a construction company, and in 2012 opened his own business as an independent, construction contractor. Being self-employed takes most of his time, but Paul is an avid hunter when time allows.

Since placing membership in 2003, Paul and his family have been faithful members of the Mabelvale congregation. He has served as a deacon and now assumes the responsibility as an elder. He is knowledgeable in all works of the church, but his expertise in building and construction is invaluable in the upkeep of the church building/grounds. He also coordinates worship and prayer leaders.

“My vision for the church at Mabelvale is to see our congregation continue to preach the gospel locally and around the world. I want us to have open arms and open hearts to all who are seeking the truth. I would like to see us put particular emphasis on programs that build up our youth, young adults and young couples because they are the future of the Church!”

Dale Morris


Dale Morris first attended Mabelvale in 1948 at the age of 9. Sunday attendance averaged 25-30, and Thursday night averaged 18-20. He enjoyed growing up in the small Mabelvale congregation as an adolescent and teenager where his granddad and dad were both serving as elders. 

Dale married the former Judy Smith, and they have 2 children, Scott and Jill. Scott and wife, Robin live in Searcy with daughter, Olivia. Their son Denver is married and lives in Memphis with his wife Alison.  Jill is married to Brad Horton, a deacon and song leader at Mabelvale, and they have 2 children Luke and Jenna. One of Dale’s fondest memories is when he saw both his children buried with Christ in obedience to the gospel and added to the Mabelvale congregation. He really enjoys outdoor activities; especially, when grandkids can be around.

Dale is involved with all aspects of the work, but as a retired surgeon, spends a lot of time calling on those hospitalized-especially those in critical care. He is most proud that the Mabelvale congregation is known for being a solid group committed to the truth being preached without addition or subtraction. He is pleased to watch several generations of our young men and women mature, marry and raise their children and assume more and more responsibility and positions of leadership. 

His goals for the congregation involve: “seeing the congregation entrust the eldership to scripturally qualified, dedicated, humble men who remain faithfully committed to the truth and love every member and who are likeminded so that the eldership functions smoothly;” and “to continue seeing progressive, steady growth and being able to recognize the many talents of the members which can be developed and utilized.”

When reflecting on the work of the bishop, Dale says, “Serving as an elder has its great joys, but there’s always the fearsome responsibility of knowing that I and the other men serving, are charged with the care of each and every soul in the congregation”.

Gene Sullivan


Gene and Lou (Blakney) Sullivan married in 1957 and to the union 4 children were added: Ken (who serves as a deacon at Mabelvale), C.Y., Danny, and Natalie.  They also have 3 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law and 11 grandchildren.  One of Gene’s greatest joys is watching the “grands” in their school activities, and he enjoys fishing, reading and writing. Also, many Sunday’s, Gene can observe son and grandsons serving in the worship. What a joy that must be!

They placed membership at Mabelvale in August, 1962, and he has served as an elder since June, 1979. Gene has used his CPA skills and assisted in the area of finance for the current as well as the future needs of Mabelvale. He stated that as “as elders, we all work for the spiritual strength of Mabelvale.”

Reflecting on the early years at Mabelvale, he said, “We had dinner on the ground behind the preacher’s house. These were great times for all. I am thrilled watching our

young people grow from babies into mature Christians. I remember A.R. Lamb, a former elder, leading AmazingGrace when he was 90 plus years of age. As a young Christian and later an elder, the mentoring that I received from Johnny Boyd and Billy Morris will always be remembered and appreciated.” Gene also stated that in spite of “trends in the brotherhood”, I believe we have stayed true to the scriptures. We have remained steady, and we have always followed I Peter 2:2 in “desiring the sincere milk of the word that we may grow thereby.”

The Mabelvale congregation is very fortunate to have a Christian man like Gene Sullivan who embodies the spirit of Christ in his daily walk. His marriage of 57 years, his “full quiver” and the respect he as from the members at Mabelvale exemplifies that Godly walk. Gene’s goal for Mabelvale will always be that she is known as a Bible teaching congregation and that she strives to grow not only in numbers but especially in spirituality.

Ray Bryan


Brad Horton


Mike Moore


James Pinson


Peyton Murphy