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            Our Father in Heaven we revere and honor Your holy name. We know that you hate hands that shed innocent blood. Please stop the infanticide of our unborn babies. Expose and end the trafficking and enslavement of children and adults. Protect the innocent from robbers and rapists and murderers. Heal wounds between races and shut the mouths of those who spread propaganda and lies to incite conflict and violence. Open the eyes of people to truth. 
            Root out government officials and law enforcement individuals who are corrupt, oppressive and abusive. Protect those who truly serve and govern in the best interest of the populace. Help us as citizens to respect authority and one another, to be merciful and loving. In Your providence please help the innocent to be free and for predators and violent people to be brought to justice. Help us to help the mentally ill and to be watchful for all those who can’t help themselves.
            We pray for our families. Please protect marriage. Bless parents with common sense. Please expose children to truth so that they have at least a chance. Protect them from LGBTQ groomers. Protect them from gender dysphoria. Protect them from teachers and social workers who would confuse them. Protect them from nurses and doctors who would mutilate them.
            Please guard our churches from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Protect us from corruption from within. Give us boldness and courage to stand for your Son regardless of the consequences, and to do so with gentleness and love. In so doing may the gospel of Jesus Christ be sounded out through every city and countryside and throughout the world. Please bless America. Be as gentle as possible with her and as severe as necessary if it be possible that we as a nation can be turned away from the lies and evil we are so doggedly pursuing. Thank you for your unspeakable gift.