Eddie Cloer is no stranger to the Mabelvale church. We have been involved in supporting Truth for Today World Mission School for many years and he reports to us annually. We receive copies of the TFT commentaries with each new publication and give one to each of our elders, preachers and adult teachers. Many of our young people (and some of their parents) were in brother Cloer’s Bible classes at Harding University.

            Brother Cloer held a meeting here in 1985. This time he will be working with the aid of brother David Riley. Both Eddie and David will be working to visit contacts during the day. Eddie will be preaching in the evenings. Both Eddie and David will be trying to make contacts during the day. David is retired from local preaching and now works with Eddie doing personal work in gospel meetings.

Eddie Cloer attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas; Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City; and Harding University Graduate School of Bible and Religion in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Theology (1977), and Doctor of Ministry (1991) degrees. His doctoral thesis focused on evangelistic preaching.

Having begun his preaching career at age fifteen, he has preached the gospel for more than fifty years. He has been the local preacher for congregations in Clarksville (1966–1969), Hot Springs (1969–1971), and Blytheville, Arkansas (1974–1976). He has preached in more than 850 gospel meetings in thirty-five states of the US, London, England, Singapore, American Samoa, and Ukraine. He has also preached in Mumbai, India. In the summers of 1993 to 1995 in Ukraine, Cloer was part of campaign efforts which featured him in forty-eight one-hour televised gospel presentations.

Cloer taught at Harding University from 1976 until his retirement in 2019. As a Professor of Bible in the College of Bible and Religion, he annually taught Old and New Testament Survey classes and Preaching classes and also taught the Prison Epistles and Acts. He taught sermon preparation in the CAMT and HSBS. From 1983 to 1989, he served as Director of Lectureship and the 13-in-1 Workshop at Harding.

For nearly forty years, he has been the publisher and editor of Truth for Today, a fifty-two-page monthly publication for preachers and teachers of the gospel. Its continued emphasis is on expository preaching. In 1989, working with World Bible School teachers and the Champions church of Christ in Houston, Texas, Cloer began the Truth for Today Printed Preacher School. The school enrolls preachers from around the world and provides for them expository studies which assist them in their personal growth in Christ and in their preaching and teaching. Truth for Today World Mission School in Searcy currently has more than 30,000 preachers enrolled from areas representing 75 percent of the earth’s populated land area, and Bible courses are now available online in twenty-three languages.

Eddie Cloer is the author of three volumes in the Truth for Today Commentary series, Psalms 1—50, Psalms 51—89, and Psalms 90—118, as well as several books, including What Is the Church?; God’s Design for the Church; The Church: The People of God’s Purpose; Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us, and Come, Let Us Magnify the Lord. He is an elder at the College church of Christ and has served since 2008 as coordinator for the Caring and Sharing weekly outreach. He and his wife, Susan, have two married children and six grandchildren.