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             We are happy to welcome Phil Sanders back for his third gospel meeting with the Mabelvale church. Phil was with us in 2011 and 2018. The theme for our gospel meeting this year is, “Hungering for Righteousness.” If you have watched In Search of the Lord’s Way, you know that Phil will do an effective job with this subject. Phil is scholarly, but simple; bold, but soft spoken. He is kind with the truth and serious about soul winning.
            Phil Sanders was born in 1951. He is a native of Shawnee, Oklahoma and now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. In 1974 he married the former Jackie Dodgen. They are the parents of four daughters: Christa, Chara, Tara and Laura. They have twelve grandchildren.
            Phil received his education at Oklahoma Christian College (1974. BA, Bible and Biblical Languages); Harding Graduate School of Religion (1983. M. A. R. in Christian Doctrine), and Theological University of America (1998. Ph.D. in Biblical studies). He is adjunct Professor for Georgia School of Preaching in Marietta, Georgia and Georgia School of Theology in Warner Robins, Georgia. Phil served as Instructor at the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies for eleven years. He also served as an Instructor at Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama for six years. Brother Sanders uses his education to grow the kingdom of God and help those of us who will read and grow. Back in the days when postmodernism was the current trojan horse in the church, Phil educated us about it in his book, Adrift: Postmodernism in the Church. As I recall that book was used in more than one class here at the Mabelvale church. That book was followed by something of an updated examination of postmodernism: A Faith Built on Sand: The Foolishness of Popular Religion in a Postmodern Age. Phil serves on the National Board of Directors of Lads to Leaders. He is also on the advisory board for Georgia School of Theology.
            Brother Sanders has been the speaker for In Search of the Lord’s Way, a nationally broadcasted television ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ since 2009. He has been preaching for 52 years. Search now appears on all 210 televisions markets in the United States. It appears on nearly 150 local cable stations and on 50 radio stations. Search offers material for free to those who request booklets and audio CDs. Because Search is a nonprofit ministry, it relies on more than forty volunteers to help mail thousands of requests each month.
            Phil is a frequent speaker at lectureships, gospel meetings and seminars. His articles have long appeared in the Gospel Advocate and Spiritual Sword magazines.             There will be a congregational potluck lunch after the morning worship service on June 4th. All are invited to stay. The various classes will provide meals for brother Sanders. On Monday night my Sunday morning class will host a meal. Tuesday night Dale Morris’ class will provide supper. And on Wednesday evening the elders, deacons, preachers (their wives!), and the young adults class will provide for brother Sanders. Each of these meals will be in the Multipurpose room. I am so grateful to Lou Sullivan.
             On Tuesday morning, June 6th, we will host brother Sanders for a morning session in our Multipurpose room. This session will begin at 9:00 AM. A light breakfast will be served. At this time brother Sanders will speak to us on the subject, “What’s Happening in the Nation and the Church of Christ.” You will want to be present for this session. Phil Sanders has a unique ability to assess what is going on among churches of Christ. The news is not always good. He will, however, have some encouraging things to say as well. Please be praying for our gospel meeting and for brother Sanders. Pray for the Mabelvale church. Pray for those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness to be in attendance. Pray for our nation.