As you read this, the teens and I most likely are baking in the sun at Camp Areopagus. If not now, then we will be soon. We love it, though! It is one of the highlights of our year.

As we experience summer church camp this week, please take a few moments and pray for us and everyone else who will be impacted by this week of camp.

  • for the directors (Noah Icenhour and Spencer Cromwell) – their wisdom, endurance, and sanity
  • for the counselors – our sleep schedules, guidance of the teens, patience, spirituality, and (probably) heatstroke
  • for the campers – their spiritual growth, physical health, and relational strengthening
  • for the speakers, teachers, coordinators, leaders, and more – may we make this the best week possible for the campers!
  • and for the cooks – the most important of us all!!!