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             Over the last several years the Mabelvale church has become acquainted with Aubrey Johnson through his writings and seminars. In 2015 we hosted him for one of his Dynamic Deacons seminars. In February 2020 (just ahead of the pandemic) we had him back for a Successful Shepherds seminar. We have used several of his books in some of our Bible classes over the years including, Renewing Your Spiritual Life – A Study of Deuteronomy: 13 Simple Steps to Maximize Spiritual Growth, The Barnabas Factor: Realize Your Encouragement Factor, God’s Game Plan: Strategies for Abundant Living, and, Spiritual Patriots: Jude’s Call to Arms. We used his book, Consider One Another: God’s Answer to Incivility, in our All Comers Bible class this winter-spring.
            Brother Johnson is uniquely gifted by God to reach the hearts of people. He is an author, educator, evangelist and professional speaker. He has touched the lives of many in the Mabelvale church for many years. Aubrey Johnson loves the Lord Jesus and he loves people. He is deeply devoted to bringing a positive message of hope, and the love of God, into people’s troubled lives. We are blessed immeasurably to be able to host brother Johnson for our gospel meeting this year.
            The theme for our gospel meeting is, The Practice of Joy: Living the Sermon on the Mount. Franklin Camp said, of the Sermon on the Mount, “This sermon becomes the basis of the preaching found in the book of Acts…the Sermon on the Mount is giving us a picture of the inside of a man or the person that has believed and repented and been baptized in the book of Acts.” D. A. Carson wrote, “The more I read these three chapters – Matthew 5, 6 and 7 – the more I am drawn to them and shamed by them. Their brilliant light draws me like a moth to a spotlight; but the light is so bright that it sears and burns.” We are looking forward to what Aubrey Johnson will bring to us from the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount.
             As you know we have advertising materials readily available. There are bookmarks in the songbooks in the auditorium. Please take one and carry it as a reminder. On the table by the offices are cards and flyers advertising this meeting. Please make good use of them as the time draws near!
            Pray for the Mabelvale church to rise to the challenge now before us. Pray for those with whom we are working to teach the gospel to be here for this effort. May the preaching of the Sermon on the Mount point them to the kingdom of God! Pray for every member of the Mabelvale church to support this meeting. Pray for the impact that the gospel of Christ will have in the lives of all who hear it. Pray for Aubrey Johnson to be at his best when he comes to be with us. Pray for him to speak boldly the word of God during the time that he is here, and wherever he may go!